Jake's Promises

Our company is founded on a set of simple promises to you, our customers. Before we replaced a single set of brakes or wrote a single line of code, we drafted a rough copy of what we wanted to build our business on. Every single customer interaction and product decision is viewed through the lens of our promises - if we fail to deliver, we will make it right.


First and foremost, we promise to keep you and your family safe. Vehicle brakes are a critical part of your safety, and we take that very, very seriously. If you have any braking concerns, we will mitigate them immediately.


We promise to make your life more convenient and more efficient. If our convenience factor ever drops below that of a traditional auto repair shop, we promise to take immediate action.

Highest in automotive service excellence

We promise to deliver the absolute highest in automotive service excellence. This means that we hire the best, train the best, and retain the best. We put our deepest trust in our mobile brake service specialists, so you can rest easy knowing your brakes will perform at their peak.


We promise to present ourselves at our absolute best as we strive for cleanliness and the top level of professionalism.


We promise to communicate effectively and efficiently. This includes both digital and in-person communication. If complications arise while servicing your vehicle, we will work with you to sort it out.

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Last but not least, we guarantee your satisfaction. We don't include additional fees, there are no hidden up-charges, and all brake services come with our 10,000-mile, nationwide guarantee. Absolutely free. Your satisfaction is our job.